Basic vocabulary in acoustics

The interpretation of specification: Watt, Decibel, Hertz, and Resonance

Amplitude, frequency and waveform of the sound waves

Piezo VS. Magnetic

Buzzer circuits

The difference between the self drive and external drive buzzers

The buzzer has noise

What is buzzer (From Wikipedia)

Buzzer and Speaker

The influence of operation voltage on SPL of a buzzer

How to choose a buzzer

How to distinguish a magnetic buzzer and a piezo buzzer by their appearance.

How to mounting element

Condenser Microphone
What should I do to the noise?

The advantages of the electret condenser microphone

The advantages of the Rubber Holder

The sound which microphone received is too low

When to choose the directional or noise canceling microphone?

The direction of the microphone

Is the more sensitive microphone the better?

Test condition makes the impact on the sensitivity of microphone

The key point of soldering and assembling the microphone

To distinguish the basic spec. from the microphone appearance

Microphone array

The design guide of microphone array

How to choose the microphone

Introducing the enclosure of speaker

Small size speaker but generate higher sound pressure level?

The relationship between Watt and SPL

About waterproof speaker

The reason why the speaker emit noise

The difference between the speaker and the receiver

The key points of designing the speaker enclosure

The diaphragm of speaker

How to choose the speaker

How to pay via Paypal?

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